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Follow that breath. Home is the journey we make.

That is how the world knows where we are.

Caz City Lake
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I know nothing. My skin is my only home. Time is an invention. Relativity is the only definite. The heart is built to break and heal stronger in the places it is torn. Just because we see World War Three coming does not mean it will happen. Each one of us is responsible for becoming as free as possible--and impossible just means possible from the inside. I ask you, how can our purpose not include love?
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We will never forget.

"If we cannot speak, how can we discuss?
If we cannot discuss, how can we invent?"-Frank Little, IWW agitator

"Without community, there is no liberation."-Audre Lorde, poet and activist.

"You and your friends must really party when you party, because you are so close to 'No PARTY'." ~my dad, regarding the Isreali nightclubs.

"If space is love, Professor [Einstein], then is love space? Or is love something we use to fill space? If time eats the donut, does love eat the hole?" -Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

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